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February 8, 2009

Photos are wherever you find them

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Phoenix Storm Sewer

Phoenix Storm Sewer

When I started this blog I wrote that “I  have an interest in ‘entropy’ subjects: things showing ‘gradual decline into disorder’ like weathered wood, flaking paint, abandoned buildings, etc. I did a lot more of this when I was shooting black-and-white in the 1970’s.” This rusting manhole cover fits into that category.

I’m attracted by the colors, shapes, and textures in this image. It is a very utilitarian object and I doubt if much effort was put into making it attractive when it was designed and manufactured. But I like the concentric rings, and the way the letters are placed. I like how the sun and rain have weathered the surface, especially with the light arcs that emphasize the raised circles. I like the limited colors here (the earth tones that are often seen in my avian and scenic images). Finally, I like the rusty areas showing around the circumference of the cover because they show how quickly the natural elements take over the rigid control of this manufactured item.

The angle of light played an important role here in defining the letters and circles.

Taken in the parking lot of a drugstore about a mile from our house using the old Nikon D70 and the 18-70 “kit” lens. I like to keep this modest equipment handy when I’m out running errands so I can record these things that catch my interest. Photos are wherever you find them, so keep your eyes open and a camera within reach.


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