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December 13, 2013

A Trip to the Library

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Mexican Beads

Mexican Beads

I’m a big fan of the Phoenix Public Library, and we use their services on a regular basis. Of course we go for the occasional book (usually we just buy books), especially when I want to learn the details of  a complicated application for the computer. More often we go to pick up DVDs to watch at home, and by borrowing from the library we have seen a lot of stuff we’d likely not risk money on in a blind purchase.

Mexican Comb

Mexican Comb

What is also nice about the Phoenix Library system is what we get to see there, like this small collection of Mexican folk art items at our local branch. There are two small display windows with interior light and black background, and they often contain small items as seen here.

Mexican Figurines

Mexican Figurines

Mexican Figurines

Mexican Figurine

In the past I would just glance at there displays on the way to the shelves, but now that I usually have an iPhone with me I have discovered that I can get a decent photo of some of the items. All I need to do is press the phone against the glass (it helps stabilize the camera and blocks many reflections), tap on the screen image to set the focus/exposure point to fine tune the brightness, and take a photo. With a little bit of cleanup of the images in Photoshop (background cleanup, minor exposure adjustment, a bit of cropping) I can get a nice result and share with my wife who couldn’t come along on the visit.



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