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November 20, 2013

Yet Another Handicapped Violation

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Handicapped Violation

Handicapped Violation

I’ve got a short fuse when it comes to selfish inconsiderate idiots who will not respect designated handicapped parking spots. And since my wife Carol’s health has made walking difficult and we got a handicapped hangtag to use for her I’ve gotten a lot more confrontational when I see a violation.

Today’s violation occurred at one of our favorite restaurants, located in Chandler, AZ near the mall. I visit about once a week for lunch. Since there are only two handicapped slots in front of the restaurant we get there early when Carol comes along.

Handicapped Violation

Handicapped Violation

I was alone today so I parked in a normal slot, but when I came out I watched this BMW take a handicapped space in front of the door. The woman who got out had no trouble walking about on her stiletto heals, so I checked for a handicapped plate or hangtag. Of course, there wasn’t one.

When I confronted this lazy selfish inconsiderate jerk her response was exactly like I’ve heard so many times before: “I’m only going in for a minute to pick up something.” Hey lady: even a brief time is too long. While you ares else. inside and your car is in the handicapped slot any person arriving who actually needs it can’t park there and either has to walk from a spot farther away, or go somewhere else.

Handicapped Violation

Handicapped Violation

So, if you know who this person is, or who owns a 328i BMW with Arizona vanity plate ADAZE, please let me know.


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