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August 15, 2013

Young Mourning Dove at Water Feature

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Young Mourning Dove at Water Feature

Young Mourning Dove at Water Feature

Nikon D300, AF-S 300/2.8 plus TC14E (1.4x), ISO 800, 1/100th second @ F/5.6

While waiting for better weather her in Phoenix (i.e., much lower temperatures) I’ve been spending my time watching birds in the back yard, and finally addressing my backlog of unprocessed raw images. Now that I’ve organized 150MB of files into properly named folders on an external drive I’ll be able to sort through them to eliminate those with the least promise – I’ve already deleted 16GB from a handful of folders today.

Rather than make anyone wait for me to finish this tedious exercise I am posting this young Mourning Dove image from April 28, taken at 5:26 pm through the glass patio door. These young birds can be mistaken for Inca Doves because they show a lot more of a scaly look than adult birds, but they are as large as adults with wing spots in the correct places and lack the rufous wing linings of the Incas. The Mourning Doves are prolific breeders around our place and we get to see young birds a lot more often hre than we did back in our NJ days.

Shooting through the glass always robs the image of some sharpness and a lot of contrast. I can counteract most of the contrast loss in post processing but there’s no way to recover lost detail. I still like the image for the tranquil mood it has plus the chance to study this immature plumage.


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