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April 4, 2013

Handicapped Parking Violation

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Handicapped Violation

Handicapped Violation

First, my apologies to regular visitors to this blog: I know it has been a while since I’ve added any posts. There have been a lot of things competing for my time over the past six months or so and my photography has suffered as a result. I’ve had good intentions to shoot more and process more and blog more, but the days have been slipping by remarkably faster than I imagined they could.

One of the many things taking my attention has been my wife Carol’s health, which hasn’t been great in recent years. She has more trouble walking these days, and we’ve had a handicapped parking hang tag for five years now to use when she can get out. Today was one of those days when she felt good enough to go out to a decent Mexican restaurant a few miles away. The restaurant has two handicapped slots at the front door, plus three or four regular slots and plenty of other spaces farther away in the main lot.

When we arrived today all the close spaces were taken, including the two marked for handicapped customers. One slot contained a pickup with a handicapped tag hanging from the rear-view mirror as it is supposed to be displayed. The second slot was occupied by a nice expensive black C320 Mercedes sedan. The Mercedes didn’t have a handicapped plate nor a hang tag on the mirror or laying on the dash as I sometimes see them.

It is possible that the driver of the Mercedes had a valid hang tag and just forgot to display it. But I doubt it. I’ve seen lots of people grab the convenient handicapped slot just because they are selfish and lazy, and I’ve had a number of heated “conversations” with many of these creeps when I catch them doing it.

There’s no excuse for this sort of behavior. Handicapped spaces are prominently marked with the painted blue and white wheelchair emblem, and they also have a similar sign on a post directly in front of the slot. If a driver can’t see either of these then that person is too blind to be driving.

Handicapped Violation

Handicapped Violation

A less polite person than I am would have deflated a tire or two, or perhaps keyed the nice black paint. A guy entering the restaurant even offered me his pock knife if I wanted to slash a tire!

I wasn’t able to observe the person from the Mercedes to have my usual discussion and the car was gone when we came out and found the slot empty. At least I was able to bring our car over to collect my wife.

Okay; I’m done with my rant. I’ll try to find more time to post some nature photos here soon.


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