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October 18, 2010

City Plates

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Las Cruces New Mexico plate

Las Cruces New Mexico plate

Because of my enthusiasm for vanity plates of birders (and other random plates that can be interpreted as birder related) I always keep my eye out for new plates to “collect” with my camera. As a result I’m familiar with lots of plates from states all over the US. In recent years there’s been a surge in designer plates for special interest groups; here in AZ there’s a conservation plate, separate plates for three state universities, protect the children, organ donor, golden rule, fallen officer, various sports teams, along with the expected antique car, purple heart and regular plate.

So I was surprised when I noticed this unfamiliar plate the other day that turned out to be a New Mexico plate for the city of Las Cruces. I’d never noticed this plate before, not have I ever seen a plate dedicated to a city before.

Think of the possibilities if this innovation was adopted across the country. I’m sure that many states could raise some needed revenue. And don’t just assume that the market for city plates would be limited to the big cities with catchy alternate names like The Big Apple, City of Angels, and Windy City – just look at this plate showing the lengths some people will go to in support of a city they are obviously proud of:

Bayonne plate

Bayonne plate

Both images: Nikon D70, Nikkor 18-70 “kit” lens.

If you know anything about the Las Cruces special plate please share your knowledge in a comment – I’d love to know more about them and if there are other cities in New Mexico or any other state that celebrate a city.


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