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May 12, 2010

Bird Rehabilitation

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WildWing rehabilitation

WildWing rehabilitation

This post is a thank-you to all the caring people who donate large parts of their lives and large amounts of money in caring for birds in trouble. Paul told us that he’d be meeting tomorrow with another rehab person who specializes in quail. Then Paul can concentrate on the 33 hummingbirds he is now taking care of!

Its baby bird season in Arizona for Gambel’s Quail, and we were fortunate to have one pair in our backyard parade around their dozen chicks for a few days before moving out. Then three days ago another pair showed up with a single chick, and it was quickly apparent that this was an inexperienced pair. They didn’t seem to know what their parental duties were and the chick was often wandering around on its own without parental guidance or protection. When we found the chick alone this evening with no sign of the parents we collected it and called Paul Halesworth and alerted him we were on our way with a bird in need.

We had done the same thing a few years ago with another orphan quail chick and we had kept his number handy for future use.

As a bonus I was able to add Paul’s birding vanity plates to my collection. I already had MIMIDAE on my web site, but tonight I added NITEJAR.

MIMIDAE vanity plate

MIMIDAE vanity plate

NITEJAR vanity plate

NITEJAR vanity plate

See my complete collection of birding vanity plates on my web site.


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