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April 13, 2010

On the Rocks

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Dog Leash Weight

Dog Leash Weight

While out this weekend looking for birds to photograph at Boyce Thompson Arboretum I saw something a bit scary. No, not another rattlesnake or tarantula or swam of Republicans killer bees, but some risky behavior with some camera gear.

I was waiting for finches to come to a nest site I’d been shown earlier in the day when I saw this photographer nearby doing some flower photography. He had a dog on a leash with him. He stopped to get some shots and decided to change lenses, so he put the leash down on this rock and laid his naked lens down on the leash to keep the dog in place! No caps on the lens to keep the dust and grit out of the works. Nothing to keep it from rolling off the rock to the ground.

I thought all it would take was for the dog to tug on the leash and I’d get to see the lens take a dive. But when the dog eventually did walk away the lens just twisted around 90 degrees on the rock!

Lens on a Rock

Lens on a Rock

Seriously: this is not a good way to treat sensitive and expensive camera gear. Use lens caps to protect the delicate electrical contacts that are necessary for the lens and camera to interwork properly, and to keep the invasive dust and dirt so prevalent in dry climates out of the interior of your gear. And don’t place a lens at risk by leaving it unattended where it could easily take a tumble.


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