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March 3, 2010

American Avocet on patterned water

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American Avocet on patterned water

American Avocet on patterned water

The “rules” of composition frown upon placing the subject dead center in the frame, and this is a very common “sin” of beginning photographers who use a centrally placed focusing aide in the camera when shooting. But as with all rules, there are times when doing exactly the opposite can work.

I often use central placement when my subject is looking directly into the lens, or with a vertical composition where the subject fills most of the space. And I also use central placement when I want to convey a tranquil mood in the image.

With this American Avocet at the Gilbert Water Ranch I was taken by the look of the water’s surface, with its gently rippling shades of blue. There were two obliging avocets standing here, and I felt one of them made an excuse to take the shot and keep it from being too empty of jsut the water surface.

I considered cropping this a bit tighter, and my wife independently suggested that as well, but I decided to keep as much water in the composition as possible. My files have plenty of shots already of avocets in all sorts of compositions and close-ups, but I don’t have a lot of shots where the water looks this way.

2/25/10, Nikon D200, 300/2.8 plus TC20E(2x), ISO 200, 1/400th second at f/8.


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