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December 22, 2009

Mourning Dove in late day light

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Mourning Dove in late day light

Mourning Dove in late day light

We’ve always fed the birds in our backyard; first in New Jersey where we spent an enormous amount on black oil sunflower seed each winter to support what may have been the only reliable flock of wintering Evening Grosbeaks in the state; and now in urban Phoenix where we get mostly less glamorous birds like Mourning Dove and Gambel’s Quail. In both locations my wife Carol has controlled the yard and driven the feeding obsession, so I seldom get to take decent photos of any birds that visit. The yard is set up for her gardening needs, not what makes backyard setup photography such an easy way to get photos.

But once in a while I find a situation that allows me to get a shot, and that’s what you see here in this simple photo of a Mourning Dove on a piece of wooden stump. We collected the wooden flotsam many years ago along the edges of the Salt River where it sometimes runs west of Phoenix and brought it home as a decorative element in the yard. The birds like it as much as we do, but as a roosting perch rather than decorative eye candy. So, when I was out on the patio trying for photos of the hunting Greater Roadrunner I couldn’t resist this shot of tranquility at the other end of the yard.

Nikon D200, 300/2.8 plus TC20E (2x), ISO 400, 1/160th second at f/5.6, -1/3rd ev compensation, 12/14/09 4:41 pm.


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