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September 14, 2009

The Pleasure of Good Company

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AZ Birders

AZ Birders

Rather than post just another image tonight, I thought I’d share this shot of fellow AZ birders who have all contributed to my enjoyment of time birding in Arizona. The shot was taken last week at the Water Ranch in Gilbert, AZ. The event of the day was the Purple Gallinule identified at the Water Ranch two days prior, and many of us who looked for it and missed it on the following day returned to try again this day.

After getting my shot of the gallinule on the north side of the brushy island it was residing on I took this image of others waiting for the gallinule to appear on the mudflat on the south side.

From left to right we have:

  • Troy Corman, of AZ Game and Fish, Nongame Division, and editor of the Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas.
  • Steve Ganley, who established the Phoenix Rare Bird Alert many years ago and ran it single handedly for many years until the internet and other technology made weekly phone lines obsolete. Steve was my first contact in the area, before I even moved from NJ, when he responded to my questions about local birding on the birdchat listserv.
  • Brendon Grice, a skilled and very lucky photographer who often listens patiently to my rants about what is wrong with life on any particular day we walk around together at the Water Ranch.
  • Mike Moore, who took on the job of photo editor for and has done a wonderful job of organizing it and keeping it up to date with the overwhelming contributions of photographers documenting the flood of interesting birds being discovered throughout AZ.

I’m indebted to all of you. Thanks.

I hope all who read this blog have similar friends wherever you are, and knowing how friendly most birders are I suspect you all do.


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