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August 23, 2009

Simple Observation

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Ropes and Posts

Ropes and Posts

A recent discussion under the title Why Push It? at raised some questions about personal goals in photography. From reading the initial question and the replies I got a feeling that some photographers work hard at making images, and it made me think a bit more about why I am still involved with photography after almost 40 years.

I quickly decided that I’m not at all motivated by the goals that drive some others. I’m not out to make grand statements. I’m not trying to capture large landscapes in majestic light. I’m not trying to redirect the course of humankind.

What motivates me is discovery. I enjoy looking everywhere I go at everything around me. I want to observe what already exists rather than engineer an image to make some sort of statement. I want to look at nature rather than to control nature.

I tend to take photos of simple things; things that appeal to me for some reason. Often that is texture. Sometimes it is form. With birds it is primarily the interaction with habitat.

This shot of ropes and posts is a typical example. It is a film image, taken in the 70’s or 80’s somewhere in New Jersey, where there were many opportunities along the shore to see such things. It has no deep meaning. I simply enjoy the textures of the ropes against the wood, the forms of the coils, the contrast between the understated colors of rope and wood, and the distribution of dark and light tones.

This scene could be almost anywhere, at any time. There must be countless similar scenes now. But how many people actually notice them and take the time to look more closely?


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  1. Rich,

    Like you; I enjoy the discovery, looking around and seeing what beauty unfolds in front of me, and some times to my right, left and what is behind me.

    Your ropes and posts image has a very soothing feel to it for me, probably because I have spent a good deal of time during my life along the shore and seeing posts with ropes on it reminds me of that. I like the lighter more golden color of the ropes against the dark, weather worn wood.

    I can look at this and almost feel the texture under my fingers.

    It is simple, but very appealing.

    Comment by Mia — August 23, 2009 @ 1:51 pm

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