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May 24, 2009

Avocets in bad light

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American Avocets in bad light

American Avocets in bad light

I’ve not been out to shoot so far this weekend, so here’s a pair of American Avocets taken Friday 5/22/09 at the Gilbert Water Ranch. That was the same outing for the sunflower images posted here the pervious two days.

I’d broken two self imposed rules on Friday: 1) I’d gone hoping to photograph a specific subject (an Indigo Bunting seen earlier in the day); 2) I’d gone out just after noon. I didn’t find the bunting, nor much else in bird activity. Nor did I see many other people out at that time of day.

The only birds that caught my eye were this pair of avocets within camera range of the path I was on looking for the bunting. I liked the one-legged stanch of each bird, and I liked the “mug shot” positions that gave me a side view and a front view.

There was cloud cover that helped with the contrast, but it took its toll on the water color (reflected sky, of course). I added a small amount of fill from my flash, but I’m not sure it made any difference in this instance.

Nikon D200, 300/2.8 plus 2x, ISO 200, 1/500th at f/9, fill at -2.7 ev


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