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May 14, 2009

More random photos from Boyce

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Rock Squirrel

Rock Squirrel

It seems that most of my posted images here lately have been from Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and here’s another batch of random shots. Boyce is an Arizona state park just west of Superior, AZ, on U.S. 60.  I visit for the birds, but also for the  change of scenery and slightly lower temperatures.

This Rock Squirrel is an example of the random subjects I find there. It was stationed on an outcrop above the main trail at a nice distance for my birding rig: 300/2.8 and 2x on a Nikon D200. The understated shades of brown and tan fit my typical style, as does the directional lighting that separates the squirrel from the brown background and casts enough shadows to give form to the rocks.

Aboriginal Seep

Aboriginal Seep

This image was almost an afterthought, taken to share with friends when I described this location to them. This seep is part of a newly created interpretive area at Boyce, which has tried hard to establish an Australian theme in parts of the arboretum. The interpretative message is that a source of water is very important to the native people of the dry parts of Australia and can form the basis for special places in their culture.

For birders this will become an important stop at Boyce as water is quite a magnet for desert birds, and the slow trickle down the rock face gives birds easy access.

For bird photographers it will also be a magnet, but a difficult shooting location as well. The cliff faces west, so the sun rises behind the rocks and the seep is dark and lit mostly by very blue open sky. The birds tend to come in high, forcing a steep shooting angle. That’s made even worse by the short narrow path that rises quickly as it approaches the seep. Finally, it doesn’t take long for the sun to rise high enough to spill over the top and create a nasty flare problem for long lenses pointed up.

Taken with 55-200 lens at 55mm on Nikon D70.

Aboriginal Display

Aboriginal Display

Finally, here’s a quick grab shot of another Australian themed interpretive display. THe artwork on these items is delightful and I”d love to have something similar in my own home collection. Also taken with the 55-200 on the D70; I ought to take more time and care with a wide lens on my next visit.


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