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April 15, 2009


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Stoltz logo

Stoltz logo

You’ve probably already noticed that this isn’t my typical sort of photo, and I didn’t have any plans to post these shots and this topic until a couple of hours ago.

I’d dropped my wife off at an appointment this afternoon, and had a little over an hour to waste before I had to pick her up. Not enough time (and not the best time of day) for some nature photography in the urban sprawl of Phoenix, so I shot over to one of my favorite stores (Bookmans).

Heading back to my car I checked license plates in the parking lot as I always do (see my vanity plate collection on my web site to know why), and noticed a plate from my home state of Pennsylvania. So, I looked closer to see if I could find out just where in came from, expecting something from the Philadelphia area as most PA cars I see. I was shocked to see this one branded from DuBois, Coudersport, and St. Marys: tiny towns from the western part of PA that I grew up in.

DuBois (pronounced “Do Boys?”) is about 30 miles from my home town, and with a population of about 8,000 in was the Big Town we took special trips to a couple times a year. St. Marys, about 11 miles away, was where a few people would commute for work, and where my wife’s sister still lives.

I can’t imagine the odds of encountering this car over 2000 miles from where it was purchased, from a part of PA that probably has less than 30,000 residents. They must be very small odds. I wish I could have talked to the person driving this car. I wish I’d thought to write a note saying “hello” and left it tucked under the wiper. But I didn’t think of it at the time.

But I’ll be looking for this car again in a week when I’ve got another hour to waste.

Stoltz Jeep

Stoltz Jeep


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