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February 9, 2009

Single Subject, Multiple Shots

Leaf Litter @ 130mm

Leaf Litter @ 130mm

Following up on yesterday’s entropy theme, here’s another example of decay. Before birds almost completely took over my photography I would do a lot more small scale images like this close up of leaf litter. If I’ve got a shorter lens with me these days I will still be alert to opportunities like this.

What appeals to me here are: muted tones; shapes; textures; the randomness of natural processes. There’s just enough directional light to make shadows and give the image three dimensions. The darker leaves on the substrate make a natural matt for the leaves that still hold some color. There’s enough variation in the color of the leaves to add some individuality and interest.

But I’m not sure what the proper framing of the image should be, so I took alternative compositions. The 75-300mm zoom I had at the time made it easy to adjust framing just by zooming, but I could just have easily gotten the same framing using a 105mm lens and moving back and forth.

Leaf Litter @ 165mm

Leaf Litter @ 165mm

I still haven’t decided which of these two views I prefer as both have strengths and weaknesses. Had I only taken one of them I’d be happy with it. In the days of shooting color slides it would be important to frame precisely, but now in the digital realm that is less important when working with a high megapixel camera – modest cropping in post processing allows an image to be fine tuned with little loss in image quality for typical applications.

D70, 75-300mm, ISO 200, 1/100th second at f/7.1, Gilbert Water Ranch


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