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February 5, 2009

Just Bees

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Bee Swarm at Gilbert Water Ranch

Bee Swarm at Gilbert Water Ranch

Any swarm of bees encountered in Arizona needs to be taken seriously, as we were invaded by Africanized “killer” bees some time ago.

I came upon this swarm one morning at the Water Ranch, in Gilbert, AZ, while out with my typical bird photography gear: D200 body with 300/2.8 and 2x. They were on the cover of a ground level access panel right beside one of the main public picnic pavilions. This was already marked off with black and yellow construction site tape. I was able to get this from well outside the tape before I headed to my car and got out of there.

I’ve always enjoyed taking shots of patterns – its fun to see what you can do with repeating elements. I think these shots work best if there’s a contrasting element or disruption of some kind to break the pattern and act as a focal point, but I wasn’t about to try to introduce something here or wait around for the pattern to change. I also wish I’d been able to shoot from a higher position and get better depth of field in the image, but that would have required moving closer and using a shorter lens.


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