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January 24, 2009

Improvement comes from honesty

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Backyard rabbit at water feature

Backyard rabbit at water feature

I doubt if any photographer makes exceptional images every time the shutter release is pressed – I certainly know that I don’t. But I see many aspiring photographers who post images on the web who are unwilling or are unable to be honest about the quality of their own work.

I see a lot of people “explain” a substandard image with a statement such as “you take what you can get.” True, as far as it goes. But that ignores some things:

  • you don’t need to show it even if you took it
  • spending more time with the subject might have resulted in a better quality image
  • digital shooting is essentially free, so keep taking shots and toss out the bad ones later
  • toss out all the bad ones even if that means every shot if you will have a similar opportunity again

Rather than rely on excuses, be honest about every image. This rabbit makes a cute shot, and my wife likes this image a lot. But I know it isn’t up to my normal standards of sharpness, the colors aren’t quite right, and the bird droppings on the water feature are a distraction.

Recognizing what is wrong with your image quality is the first step to doing better the next time!

1/20th second at f/5, ISO 640, 300/2.8, shot through patio door glass in gloomy natural light


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